A small embedded computer sits on a balcony railing overlooking a housing complex in Berlin.
Impressum HTW Berlin

Ethical, energy-autarkic, distributed sensing

EdgeCity, a research effort of the Institute for Applied Research Berlin, is working with city agencies to develop hardware, software, networks, and processes for "large-scale sensing and analysis of mobility patterns and environmental data through privacy-preserving, locally processed, cost-effective and energy-autarkic devices", according to UrbanImpact.eu, the Berlin's urban tech ecosystem clearinghouse. "The two testbeds in Berlin are Adlershof science park and Dörpfeld Quarter in the South-Eastern district of Treptow-Köpenick."

This points towards a future where data governance models can be supported by a much richer array of sensing platforms that don't, by design, pump all data up to the cloud as quickly as possible—with all the political and regulatory dilemmas that technical and business architecture creates.

Source: edgecity.htw-berlin.de
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