A line of different colored trash cans for waste and recyclables.
Abdulla Al Muhairi

Intelligent recycling robot sorts building waste, boosting recovery rate

AMP Robotics, one of the companies spun out of Sidewalk Toronto's Quayside project, has developed a computer-vision based solution that "can be used to recover plastics, cardboard, paper, cans, cartons and many other containers and packaging types reclaimed for raw material processing. The tech can tell the difference between" 7 different types of plastics. "The robots can also sort for color, clarity, opacity and shapes like lids, tubs, clamshells and cups — the robots can even identify the brands on packaging."

This indicates that automated waste sorting systems in buildings and homes could significantly boost the portion and quality of recovery in waste streams and reduce cost, and increase convenience and compliance.

Source: techcrunch.com
waste management
computer vision
machine learning