Cargo bikes parked on the street.
flotte Berlin

Zero-emission delivery consolidation microhubs

Delivery consolidation hubs are sweeping Europe. In Berlin, a one-year trial of a micro-distribution hub from 2018-2019 shared by the city’s five largest couriers DHL, DPD, Hermes, GLS and UPS, has been continued after demonstrating the successful use of cargo and e-cargo bikes. Over a 12-month period, the KoMoDo project saw up to 11 bikes operate daily, delivering 160,000 parcels, covering 38,000km with zero emissions, and saving 11 tonnes of CO2. The success of these green last-mile delivery even led to the recent opening of a zero-emission micro depot operated by parcel courier DPD, operated by e-cargo bikes from Berlin-based startup ONO and Battery Swapping Station from Startup Swobbee.

The success of these efforts paves the way for automated last-mile logistics. This points towards a future where carriers develop multi-carrier staging points for AV fleets operating alongside zero-emission bike couriers in collaboration with municipalities.

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